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Peace of mind when buying machinery

There are good, bad and downright ugly negotiations when buying or selling equipment. Be assured that our evidence based algorithm will give you peace of mind when looking to buy assets, make sure you are not paying more than the fair price though a marketplace or at auction.

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What our clients say about us

All-Tek Labeling Systems

In November 2021 I was looking to purchase a Mark Andy 2200 Flexographic Printing Press so I bought a valuation credit from Valorexo. I ran the valuation using the machine specification I had previously seen advertised for sale, added some extras that were included in the sale and managed to negotiate a $20,000 saving off the price of the machine! Getting Valorexo valuation added great value for us and they will be our first port of call in the future when buying machinery.

John Conti


Whether buying or selling don’t let Bad or Ugly negotiations cost you ever again. Use the Valorexo tool today to value your assets

Value your assets

Value your equipment accurately

Companies need to value equipment for Insurance purposes, for mortgage applications and when taking out a loan. Having the ability to work smart and value your equipment fast and accurately gives companies peace of mind when using the Valorexo valuation tool.

Don't let the post covid market landscape leave you in the desert without water, value your equipment and look at all your options today

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Save time for your business

As a reseller your time is your most important asset, the more time you can spend on the phone with potential sellers and buyers gives you more time to make deals happen and make you and your company money. The Valorexo tool means you don't need to waste hours using inaccurate and outdated valuation methods or searching on the internet for pricing. Let us save your day by literally giving you more time.

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