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Value your machinery with full confidence with Valorexo. If your valuation doesn't meet our minimum confidence parameters then we won't charge you for your valuation.

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Prices are exclusive VAT and credits can be used over 6 months

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The valuation report

What the data rich report includes

The valuation report gives you:

  • Marketplace pricing
  • Auction pricing
  • Price accuracy indicator
  • Manufacturer price index
  • Alternative models to compare
  • Future price projections

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Frequently asked questions

Valorexo currently covers the following industries: Construction, Agriculture, Handling, Metalworking, Printing, Plastic, Pharmaceutical, Food processing, Packaging and Woodworking with more to come soon.

A quick, free text search where you can input the Manufacturer Name and the Model and you will receive a data report containing the closest matches we have within our extensive database

A valuation is a more detailed report for one specific machine where you can input Manufacturer Name, Model and Year

The valuation report includes all the key Valorexo metrics, after signing up, you get access to free sample valuation reports for each industry.

Within the industries we are currently covering, we can value most of the equipment. If you try to generate a valuation report on machinery that we cannot value, no valuation credit will be taken from your monthly subscription. You can also use our money-back guarantee if you want to.

The valuation credits are valid for 6 months.

All our payments are securely processed through Stripe. You can pay with all major credit cards.


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